Embodied Yin Yoga and Moon Gong Sound Healing

Embodied Yin Yoga and Moon Gong Sound Healing

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An afternoon in divine feminine flow and receptivity.

 Gift yourself time to rest, restore and heal.

Caroline Hales and Kiran Jot invite you for an evening of Yin Yoga and the Planetary Moon Gong Sound Healing.


Yin Yoga has the same goals and objectives as any other yoga; however, its focus is towards the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.


Yin is a passive form of floor based yoga, where the focus  is on creating passive  postures or shapes that are held for up to five minutes or longer. Which supports your body to rest and rest in an organic way, accumulated stress, pain and tension.

Guided meditation and gentle therapeutic touch will be offered throughout the class.


Following on from the Yin Practice, lie on to your mat feeling held by Mother Earth into a state of sweet surrender, to rest, release and receive the gentle vibrations of the Feminine Planetary Moon Gong, a sound bath for the cells and senses. Out intention for the evening is to bring you back into a sense of harmony within and a state of peace and serenity.



Where: Elwood Angling Club

When: Sunday 3/3  

Time: 1.45-4pm (doors open 1.30 pm)

Please bring your own Mats Bolster Blanket 

No experience necessary all most welcome.

Investment: $88/80 concession. Limited Spaces for please book ahead.

Facilitators: Caroline Hales @caroline_hales

Kirsty Sikiotis @kiranjot.yoga 



Caroline Hales

Integrative Mentoring 



Caroline Hales describes herself as a lifelong student of yoga meditation and their philosophies. In 2017 /2018 she began her official  yoga teacher training, which includes Gentle Flow, Embodied Yin and online courses in the basics of Kundalini and mantra.

Her love of Yin began in 2015 when she was going through a tough time and the longer holds of the shapes (postures) helped her to reconnect to her body, process her feelings and heal.


In 1999 she began studying and training in energy healing. In her Integrative Mentoring sessions, individual programs and longer term 6 month individual and group programs she holds space for people to release the residue pain of the past, through deep listening, mentoring, counselling, energy healing and simple ways to recalibrate and return to a sense of peace and acceptance.


She has studied and has qualifications in many different healing modalities.

Diploma in Brennan Healing Science, Spinal Energetics , CranioSacral Therapy, Ki Massage, Art & Creative Expression, Psychoenergetics, Reiki Healing,. Cert in Body Whisperer.


More information in her website:



Kiran Jot  started practicing Kundalini Yoga in Bali in 2011, in search of a deeper and more meaningful connection to life and this human existence, although not realising this at the time. From her very first class,  a deep committed love and reverence for this practice begun.

“I connected to my soul like I finally belonged, I was whole, and had found my way home. A great sense of peace and clarity came over me, a calm and safe haven in my mind and body and my love of a spiritual practice began.  It was more a healing modality for me than bendy stretchy fitness yoga, although my body holistically has never been this strong before practicing Kundalini Yoga.

My training was in Bali in 2014 with Guru Dass and my teacher and dear inspiration GuruWant Kaur. I fell pregnant in the training with my first son and have since completed the Awakened Woman Conscious Pregnancy teacher training whilst pregnant with my second son with Suraj Kaur in Queensland, and feel a deep calling and love in supporting Mothers, raising conscious and compassionate boys and empowering woman.

People love my classes because I lead from the heart. I tune in to what I feel we collectively need with each session and love to bring a lot of peace, joy and conscious connection to the class. I adore chanting, meditating and dynamic movement and use these tools to empower us all to courageously bring our unique spirit and energy to the world. I love how every class delivers something new each time. “

Kiran Jot has owned and ran studios in Melbourne, held retreats and workshops Australia wide and aspires to create more communities, connections and courses across the globe. She enjoys deepening her studies of healing modalities for herself and her students and is on a personal path of healing and embodiment through energy work, sound healing and yoga.

Favourite quotes

“I release control and surrender to the flow of love that will heal me.” Alexia Chellun

“There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You are the pot of gold!” Guru Dass

“Creativity is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein