Balipura Solstice Pack

Balipura Solstice Pack

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These are my 4 go to sprays for Summer Solstice.

I will bring these sprays into my daily rituals while I meditate, do yoga, journal, in my office and home. 
The 4 essences I have chosen to work with are;

Space Clearing to Clear my sacred spaces.

Let Go to release those low vibration energies and belief systems that I don’t want to bring forward in to this new higher vibrational time, to support me in anchoring the light.

Birthing as I plant seeds and set intentions of what my heart desires and what I am calling in and birthing in this new energy. 

7 Chakras my favourite daily scent that helps harmonise and activate all these energy centres and a great support to my yoga practice. 

$29 each spray this pack for all 4 sprays is bundle especially to support you and embrace the Solstice for $111, includes a cloth bag valued at $15 to keep them all in and carry with you in your day. 

all my love and happy solstice xxx Kiran jot